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Working With Holitics Business Intelligence Platform

Holistics is a cloud based business intelligence (BI) application with integrated data reporting and preparation tools.

The application works in a SQL-based environment and allows businesses to connect multiple SQL databases, run ad-hoc queries, predict trends and visualize data.

Project Summary

I created a proof-of-concept business intelligence tool using Holistics Platform to provide data visualization and modeling. I connected Holistics data pipeline to Google Cloud Platform and DigitalOcean hosted databases.

Source datasets (Statistics Canada demographic data at the FSA level, scraped social media mentions for selected brands, search data API provided by DataforSeo) were processed by Google ETL tool (Dataprep by Trifacta), loaded into a MySQL database. An instance, Cloud SQL for MySQL was created on GCP.

This proof-of-concept project was developed free of cost by signing up for Holistics 14-day Free Trial and utilizing credits from Google Cloud (CDN$400) and DigitalOcean


Holistics Business Intelligence Platform