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Promoting uplifting stories about the Caribbean was not my initial motive for this project. This started as an experiment (finetune my website development/management and SEO skills). After a few months I decided to create a fully functional website.

I started this website in 2016 with the hopes of promoting social activism throughout the Caribbean.

Over the past few years, I have used the site to test various techniques (Facebook Ad targeting and retargeting, experiments with Google Analytics, A/B Content test (Content Strategy), SEO and Website Traffic Load Balancing.

I also experimented with building a customized Ad targeting platform using Perfect Audience, AdPlugg, and Revive Adserver: Free Open-Source Ad Server

At its peak usage, the website attracted more than 150,000 visits per month. Currently There are approximately 18,000 Facebook Fans for MyCaribbeanScoop Page

MyCaribbeanScoop is a website dedicated to sharing inspirational and promoting uplifting stories about the Caribbean.