Key Accomplishments

With more than 15 years experience in data and analytics, across various sectors, company size and types of organizations, I have garnered a unique mix of technical and real-world accomplishments.

Here are some of my major accomplishments,

Self-Employed Consultant

  • Successfully deployed in two-months, a proof-of-concept Data Analytics as a Service (DaaS) platform built on Google Cloud Platform and Digital Ocean Cloud Services.
  • Developed a series of self-serve Business Intelligence dashboards integrating data from Statistics Canada census and various APIs (Google Ad Search, OECD, Bank of Canada, World Bank) that provided market profiles for 30 major Canadian cities.
  • Tested 10 business intelligence platforms (e.g., Clicdata, Klipfolio, Tableau, Boldi,)
  • Successfully developed a MEAN Stack application (NodeJs, AngularJS, Mongodb, MySql) using Firebase for backend authentication support.
  • Deployed a business intelligence platform using and Google Cloud (MySql and Postgresql)

Vividata Inc

  • Oversaw the launch of Canada’s first consumer and media passive panel in August 2019.
  • Hired and managed a team of data engineers in 2019 to successfully build Vividata’s data platform using Amazon Web Services, PostgreSQL and S3; this platform currently stores more than 25 million rows of data and provides reporting and analytics functions.
  • Spearheaded the development of an innovative technical solution for migrating a 25,000-variable ASCII dataset to CSV format using R and Python.
  • Co-managed the merger of NADbank and PMB research departments in 2014, and successfully managed the transition of two multi-million-dollar research projects.

Warrillow Inc

  • Led the development of a segmentation model for Bank of America; the model was used to develop new products for the bank’s small business segment.
  • Designed and developed a discrete choice model for Telus Partners and Northern Telecom which was used to determine new product offerings for the small business segment.
  • Developed a technology adoption model for Bell Canada Small Business Unit; the model was used to enhance Bell’s product management strategy.